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GBRW has a 16 year track record of working with commercial banks, development agencies, and International Financial Institutions to deliver successful assignments ranging from small research studies and training courses, to major multi-disciplinary programmes.

 We are particularly valued by clients for:

  • Our expertise in emerging markets, and our ability to understand and adapt our advice to reflect local market conditions;
  • The practical experience and skills of our consulting team, who have all been practising bankers or development professionals prior to their consulting careers;
  • Our ability to work side-by-side with counterparts and other professional advisors to deliver change;
  • Our belief in strategies and plans underpinned by evidence and facts, not just received wisdom; and
  • An hands-on approach which emphasises the robust and systematic monitoring and control of change, to ensure it remains on track

Consulting for Banks in Emerging Markets

GBRW has worked over the past 16 years with banks in transition, emerging and post-conflict markets to introduce change and improvement. We understand that bankers in these markets face unique challenges in the business and information environment which require the intelligent application of best practice to produce practical solutions. Specialist subject areas include:
  • Bank Restructuring;
  • Corporate Governance;
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation;
  • Credit, Market and Operational Risk Management;
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies for the Retail; SME; and Corporate Banking Segments;
  • Treasury, Asset and Liability/ Balance Sheet Management;
  • Project Finance; Human Resources; and
  • Management Information Systems.

SME Banking Profile and Experience SME Banking Profile and Experience (2723 KB)

Key Principles of SME Banking Key Principles of SME Banking (1721 KB)


Specialist Advice to Development Institutions

We provide the following specialist services for development institutions:
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E);
  • Emerging market financial and private sector development strategies;
  • Investment and credit policy and procedure development; and
  • Training in financial services and the global financial services market.

Consulting for Emerging Market Investors and Investees

Our experience enables us to advise private sector investors, governments, development, and charitable institutions who plan to increase their exposure to emerging markets. This group also includes emerging market institutions looking to diversify or establish representation in other emerging or developed markets. Services include:
  • Investment Strategies;
  • Investment Pipeline Development and Target Identification;
  • Investor Identification;
  • Due Diligence and Valuation;
  • Privatisation Advisory; and
  • Venture Capital and Turn-around Funds.

Private Sector Development Consulting

We work with governments, public sector agencies, and development institutions to promote private sector development. An important element is to harmonise with the domestic and international financial sector to build on synergies and improve access to finance. Approaches include:

  • Integrated Private Sector Development Strategies;
  • Business Environment Reform; Cluster Development;
  • Industrial and Export Zone Development;
  • Value Chain Development; and
  • Enterprise and Business Development Services.