Management Training and Strategy for Major Private Sector Bank in Myanmar


GBRW recently delivered a series of intensive senior management workshops for this leading private commercial bank in Myanmar. The workshops were tailored for the directors and senior management and covered a wide range of topics including the role of responsibilities of shareholders, the Board of Directors and the executive management. The objective was to provide practical advice on the governance, ratios and limits commonly applied by commercial banks in accordance with generally accepted international standards. The workshops covered all the difficult decisions that banks need to address and provided a template for reaching conclusions satisfactory to all the stakeholders, including the regulator.

This was followed by a comprehensive strategic review of the bank, encompassing a complete internal diagnostic and external analysis and competitor review, SWOT analysis, and the identification of the key strategic objectives. The plan was supplement by a financial plan, strategic dashboard, recommendations on a revised organisation structure, and detailed job descriptions for key management positions.

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skyline of yangon myanmar