Problem Loan Management Training in Tanzania


GBRW recently delivered its 'Problem Loan Management' programme for one of Tanzania's leading commercial banks. Delivered by GBRW Principal Consultant, Nate Dickerson, this intensive three-day course provides a rigorous and comprehensive framework for managing problem loans, from a strategic and operational prospective.

Nate's approach provides participants with a sound approach and methodology for identifying, assessing and managing problem loans from origination to resolution. Beginning with how problem loans impact an institution’s soundness and reputation, the programme also explores the root causes, both internal and external which contribute to problem loans. It addresses the implementation of an effective early warning system, as well as the benefit of scenario planning and stress testing. The programme then covers the practical options, approaches and methods for resolving both non-performing portfolios and individual loans, illustrated with real-life case studies.

By addressing the day-to-day challenges of non-performing loans, as well as extraordinary circumstances, the programme prepares and enables the participants to develop and implement an effective plan for improving their bank’s position.

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