Building a Strategic MIS for a Commercial Bank

Building a Strategic MIS for a Commercial Bank

In this blog we're looking at building a Strategic Management Information System (SMIS) to support strategy implementation in a commercial bank. We're assuming a starting point where we have a well defined Business Plan which describes a rich set of measures and targets which underpin strategic success. This blog is going to focus on how we might organise these measures and targets in a dashboard format, use the SMIS to cascade objectives throughout the bank, and also to structure and capture our data logically. Along the way we'll be covering many tips and pitfalls which I have experienced in strategic data and information management, and I hope to get lots more in terms of comments and suggestions from readers.

Overview of a Draft Bank Dashboard

Having thought about this carefully, I think the best approach to discussing strategic information in banking is to dive and have a look at the case study. The case study is for a hypothetical bank called 'Standard Bank of Typica' based in the imaginary country of 'Typica'. It's not material at this stage but these case studies are aides for our training courses and are backed up with a rich set of simulated data and analysis - to make the scenarios as real as possible.

In this case we are looking at a dashboard 'work-in-progress' quite deliberately. Firstly because it's boring and unenlightening to start with a completely blank sheet. It's easier to start with a model and then critique and adapt it on the go. This applies both to the user interface (please excuse my remedial coding and design skills) and, more importantly, the content. Part of the purpose of this blog is as a catalyst for me to really crystallise my thinking about the best ways to organise strategic information (and also to learn from others!).

So let's assume we are consultants (internal or external) to Standard Bank of Typica and we have joined part-way through a Project to build a comprehensive Strategic MIS, embodied by the cascade of a strategic performance dashboard throughout the Bank. Let's see where we are now in the embedded YouTube screencast below.