Expertise & Approach

GBRW has a 20 year track record of financial sector consulting and training in emerging markets. We deliver successful assignments ranging from brief research studies and training courses, to major, long-term, multi-disciplinary change programmes. We are particularly valued by clients for:

» Expertise in emerging markets, and how to adapt best practice to reflect local market conditions
» A management team who have all been professional commercial, investment or development bankers
» An ability to work side-by-side with counterparts and other professional advisors to deliver change
» A belief in strategies and plans underpinned by evidence and facts, not just received wisdom
» A hands-on approach which emphasises timely delivery and quality assurance
» A focus on building long-term relationships with clients through value-for-money pricing

Commercial Banks

GBRW's expertise covers the full range of commercial banking disciplines, from governance and strategy, finance and balance sheet management, organisational design and HR, credit, market and operational risk management, audit and compliance, and marketing and sales for the retail, SME and corporate banking customer sets.

We specialise in working with locally owned banks in emerging markets as they adapt to higher growth, competition, and risk, as international financial markets become deeper and more inter-connected.

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Start-up Banks

GBRW can work with investors and management to establish new financial institutions anywhere in the world. Our greenfield project services focus on legal and regulatory compliance, organisational design and governance, and strategic and financial planning.

Having access to a large pool of policies and procedures, product specifications, tools, models, and methodologies means we can give your venture a flying start. We can also help with the identification and recruitment of a suitably experienced senior management team.

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Development Banks

Development finance is an increasingly diverse and integral component of the global financial system. In addition to the well-known global and continental multi-lateral development banks (MDBs), there are increasing numbers of new players as emerging markets take the initiative with regional or domestic Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), with innovative and challenging new mandates.

GBRW has many years of experience and excellent credentials in all aspects of development finance. Download our Development Finance Capability Statement to find out more about what we do in this specialist field.

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GBRW supports both buy-side and sell-side counterparties in transactions in emerging markets, particularly involving commercial banks. Notable services include buy-side and sell-side due diligence, and restructuring and privatisation of state-owned banks. We also support commercial banks with M&A strategy, and Post-Merger Integration. We work closely with legal and financial advisory specialists to provide complete support for clients.

In addition, we can also provide assistance to venture capital investors in start-up financial services, private equity investors, and both private and public sector fund managers on investments in emerging market financial institutions.

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Key Principles of SME Banking

key principles of SME banking

A whitepaper by GBRW summarising the key lessons we incorporate into our consulting approach, based on many years' experience in implementing SME banking propositions in commercial banks.

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SME Expert Judgement Credit Rating

A whitepaper by GBRW summarising the key principles of using an Expert Judgement credit model for SME and commercial customers, based on our in-house application template and methodology.

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Guide to a Successful Bank IPO

Successful bank IPO cover page download hyperlink

An IPO is one of the most profound steps a bank can make, and practically irreversible. This whitepaper is full of useful tips for banks to help them get it right, first time.

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Non-financial Services in SME Banking

Developing a non-financial services offer as part of the Customer Value Proposition to SME banking customers can be a great competitive differentiator. This presentation briefly introduces and explains the concept of non-financial services before looking at some great case studies implemented by some of the world's leading banks.

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Expert Judgement Credit Rating for SME & Commercial Customers

Developing an Expert Judgement model is the most common way banks apply credit ratings to SME & commercial customers. This presentation describes some of the key principles adopted by GBRW, with reference to our own in-house methodology and application template.

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Building a Strategic MIS for a Commercial Bank: Draft Dashboard Overview

A screencast illustrating some of the key features of the strategy dashboard feature of GBRW's Strategic MIS simulation for a hypothetical bank case study.

Post Merger Integration in Emerging Market Banks

A presentation from GBRW Consulting on the key challenges and success factors in the successful realisation of the benefits of mergers and acquisitions in emerging market banks.

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Strategic Segmentation of SME & Commercial Banking Customers

Effective segmentation strategy leads to a clearly differentiated Customer Value Proposition (CVP) which builds customer loyalty and long-term, sustainable profitability. Segmentation also shows how banks can make the most of, and build upon, their current SME banking business and operating model.

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Financial Inclusion: Landscape & Challenges

Most of the world's population is still poor and unbanked. This presentation looks at the challenges and opportunities in providing financial services for this segment, as well as some of the players and models which are currently operating in different markets.

An Introduction to Multilateral Development Banks

This two part presentation is an introduction to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), an important stakeholder and market participant in the economic development of emerging markets.

Preventing & Resolving Non-Performing Loan

Managing Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) should be a routine and effective process in any well-managed bank. This presentation outlines a methodical approach to building the structures, systems, processes, and culture required to effectively management NPLs.

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Capability Statement: Development Finance

GBRW's capability statement illustrating our competence and qualifications in development finance, supporting development finance institutions and banks, multi-lateral development banks (MDBs), and donor agencies.

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Training Course: Implementing the Strategy

This course covers one of the critical ingredients of effective strategic management, and one that is too-often ignored: how to translate a strategic plan into action. It shows how to convert strategic aims into quantified measures and targets and how to put in place an effective methodology for the implementation of change.

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Training Course: SME Banking Customer Relationship Management

This course is intended for those interested in how to develop and deliver a Customer Relationship Management based approach for SME banking customers. It aims to show delegates how to use SME customer relationships to underpin the Customer Value Proposition and to sustainably drive customer loyalty and profitability.

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Capability Statement: Risk Management

risk management capability statement download hyperlink

GBRW's capability statement illustrating our competence and qualifications in all aspects of risk management in commercial banking.

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Training Course: Formulating the Strategy

This course provides a systematic and comprehensive methodology for the formulation of strategy in banks. It gives practical experience of the tools and analytical techniques needed to build a strategy for the future based on a sound understanding of the bank’s capabilities and of the macro and market environment within which it operates.

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Training Course: Monitoring Strategic Performance

This course focuses on creating an effective strategic management information system and dashboard, and building a human resources performance management framework which reinforces implementation of the strategy.

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Training Course: Corporate Banking Customer Relationship Management

This course is intended for those interested in how to develop and deliver a Customer Relationship Management based approach for corporate banking customers.

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