Our management team has a wide range of skills developed in leading international commercial banks and development finance
institutions. Between us, we have been responsible for delivering and implementing over 100 projects in over 50 countries in Africa, the
Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, and South and East Asia. Importantly, we believe in actually implementing change, rather than producing reports. We enjoy meeting new challenges in new business environments, and particularly working in partnership with the
management and staff of clients. Good interpersonal skills and the pleasure we take in mutual problem-solving comes through in our work, demonstrated by the long-term relationships we have with many of our clients. We are optimistic about the future growth and success of many emerging markets, although we also realise through our experience that there are very real hazards and challenges to be navigated.

Some of us have links to our LinkedIn profiles, where you can find more information on our professional background. Do feel free to connect with us too and welcome genuine invitations.
David Croft, Director

David Croft, Director

David has 30 years of international experience in investment banking, risk and balance sheet management with ING Bank, Citicorp, HSBC and Schroders, which involved heading business units in London, New York, Sydney, Zurich and Hong Kong. He has worked more recently as a consultant in London, New York, China, Thailand and Malaysia, including as an expert witness on cases involving complex structured transactions.
Johnny Rizq, Director View Johnny Rizq's profile on LinkedIn

Johnny Rizq, Director

Johnny spent 23 years in international banking with Lloyds Banking Group, holding senior positions in country risk analysis, project finance, strategy, and heading the bank’s international consulting business from 1992 to 2006. Johnny has managed major consulting projects with governments and banks in the Middle East, Southern and Eastern Africa, Central, Asia, Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. He speaks fluent Arabic.
Martin Edwards, Director, Asia View Martin Edward's profile on LinkedIn

Martin Edwards, Director

Martin joined GBRW in October 2011 to open our Singapore office. The largest part of his banking career has been spent in Asia with Crédit Agricole, Banque Indosuez and Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) and he has specialised in corporate banking, trade finance, and commodity financing. Martin also has considerable consulting experience working with banks in South East Asia.
Manolis Skourtis, Director, Greece & Cyprus View Manolis Skourtis's profile on LinkedIn

Manolis Skourtis, Director, Greece & Cyprus

Based in Athens, Emmanouil Skourtis is GBRW Consulting’s Director, Greece & Cyprus. His prior experience as Head of KPMG’s M&A and Restructuring Practice in Greece, which he developed from 2007 onwards, include acting as Monitoring Trustee of Piraeus Bank reporting to the European Union DG Competition and the bank’s Board of Directors. Emmanouil has advised on matters including strategic business planning, financial performance, debt management, internal policies and M&A and is a KPMG-accredited restructuring and valuation specialist.
Paul Rex, Managing Director View Paul Rex's profile on LinkedIn

Paul Rex, Managing Director

Paul has had 18 years of lending, credit and management experience at senior level with Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) and Crédit Agricole. Paul has been involved in consulting for the past 18 years and has worked on assignments in more than 20 countries, including Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belize, China, Egypt, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ukraine, and West Bank/Gaza.
Jeremy Denton-Clark, Director View Jeremy Denton Clark's profile on LinkedIn

Jeremy Denton-Clark, Director

Jeremy initially worked with Kleinwort Benson and National Westminster Bank. He then became General Manager of London Interstate Bank before he spent eight years as Chief Executive Officer of City Merchants Bank. Since 1994 he has worked as a senior consultant with banks in more than 20 countries, including Ukraine, Russia, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Egypt, Belize, Sierra Leone, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Croatia and Bosnia.
Nate Dickerson, Principal Consultant View Nate Dickerson's profile on LinkedIn

Nate Dickerson, Principal Consultant

Nate has 35 years of experience within the financial service industry, initially as a commercial lender at Chase Manhattan Bank and subsequently as a senior consultant and training and development specialist. He has provided advisory services within the U.S. and internationally, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Laos, Moldova, Mongolia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam. Nate has lived in Hanoi for the past 10 years.
Fergus Clark, Principal Consultant View Fergus Clark's profile on LinkedIn

Fergus Clark, Principal Consultant

Fergus has 17 years of international banking experience with a number of high profile banks, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. His experience includes senior roles in financial markets, structured finance, projects, policy and credit risk management. He is also a qualified solicitor and has practised law in Australia and England. Fergus has worked across Australia, England, China, Rwanda and Vietnam.
Uyen Vo, Principal Consultant View Dileep Wagle's profile on LinkedIn

Uyen Vo, Principal Consultant

Uyen has spent the majority of her career working for major financial institutions such as Lloyds Banking Group and TSB. She specialises mainly in Corporate Treasury with a particular focus on prudential capital management and balance sheet management. She has also delivered projects in people development, HR, communications, leadership and corporate social responsibility. Uyen has worked in the UK, Japan and the USA, and has an MA from the University of Cambridge.
Mike Coates, Director View Mike Coates's profile on LinkedIn

Mike Coates, Director

Mike is a banker who has worked for over ten years in retail and corporate banking, finance and risk management. Mike spent five years with the International Advisory Services unit in Lloyds TSB and prior to joining GBRW was the head of financial sector consulting at Maxwell Stamp PLC. He has particular experience in SME strategies and has worked with a number of commercial banks in the CIS and Middle East.