Whether they are referred to as Special Loans, Non-performing loans or Non-accrual loans, the issue is the same. They are problem loans. No lending officer or institution wishes to create problem loans. However, they must be anticipated as an unintended and inevitable byproduct of the business of lending. Effective problem loan management is key to preserving an institution’s reputation, cost structure and profitability.

GBRWs diverse network of problem loan management professionals have first-hand experience in successfully negotiating and managing loan restructurings. They have worked extensively in a wide range of financial institutions across the globe.

We pride ourselves on our practical expertise, we are passionate about working collaboratively with our clients and we are committed to sharing our knowledge with you.

GBRW consultants and trainers are all senior practiced commercial and retail bankers with extensive experience in:

» Developing Early Warning Indicators of Default and Response Procedures.

» Managing Corporate and Retail Problem Loan Portfolios.

» Transfer of Non Performing Loans to the Loan Workout Department.

» The Governance of the Problem Loan Management Process.

» Resolving Individual Problem Loans (from SME to large Corporate).

» Assessing Debt Capacity and Determining Possible Required Concessions (Haircuts).

» Performing the Liquidation Analysis.

» Developing Action Plans for Financial and Operational Restructuring of the NPL.

» Assessing and Implementing Disinvestment Options.

» Establishing Asset Management Companies and "Bad Banks".

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