Retail banking is changing rapidly in developing markets, providing both opportunities and threats for banks and new players in the market. Growth is coming from the increasing number of people who are opening bank accounts, making electronic payments, or taking out consumer loans. In many banks, retail banking has not had the focus and priority given to corporate and commercial banking, but we can see that changing in all parts of the world.

GBRW Consulting have significant consulting and managerial experience in retail banking, in developed and developing markets, including:

» Developing coherent business strategies for business units and for the bank as a whole, supported by robust financial projections and performance monitoring.

» Identifying and researching growth opportunities in adjacent or new markets, assessing risks and developing business plans.

» Advising on innovation strategy and processes to ensure that banks are using best practices from leading banks around the world.

» Conducting acquisition and merger planning, and post-merger integration projects involving the co-ordination of multiple work streams.

In all cases, we take a rigorous analytical approach to our projects, and work closely with client teams to ensure that the transition from strategy development to implementation is smooth and effective.