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In most countries Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) represent a substantial proportion of economic activity, and typically account for well in excess of 50 per cent of total employment. However, developing a successful SME banking business is sometimes difficult, especially in Emerging Markets. Lack of reliable market and company information, and weaknesses in the local business environment and culture, can pose serious challenges.

However the rewards of better SME banking are highly worthwhile, not just for banks and their SME customers, but for the economy as a whole. The experience of many banks, both in developed and emerging markets, is that developing a successful SME banking business means adopting novel approaches to meet specific local circumstances. GBRW Consulting has extensive experience in providing practical consulting and training covering most of the issues facing banks looking to operate in this market, and to help them build sustainably profitable SME banking businesses.

Whether your institution is looking to launch a start-up SME proposition, or to review an established operation, GBRW can provide support. We use tried and tested approaches to formulating successful strategies, however we can go well beyond the planning stages to support the complete strategic management cycle, including implementation, and monitoring strategic performance. Critical to our success is understanding how to effectively balance market opportunities with business risk from the outset.

Whitepaper: Key Principles of SME Banking

key principles of SME banking

This whitepaper is a synopsis of some of the key lessons that GBRW has accumulated over many years of SME banking practice and consulting. It provides readers with a succinct series of practical hints and tips covering key aspects of the strategy, strategic marketing, risk management, and other elements of the SME banking business and operating model. Download the whitepaper for use as an aide memoire to the many aspects that should be addressed by a comprehensive SME banking strategy.

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A critical success factor in SME banking is the ability to effectively segment the market, and then precisely define target segments based on criteria which play to the competitive strengths of the bank. Only by adopting this approach and developing superior customer understanding can a bank develop a truly differentiated Customer Value Proposition which will reault in the level of customer loyalty needed to underpin long-term and sustainable profits. 

Strategic Segmentation of SME & Commercial Banking Customers

Effective segmentation strategy leads to a clearly differentiated Customer Value Proposition (CVP) which builds customer loyalty and long-term, sustainable profitability. Segmentation also shows how banks can make the most of, and build upon, their current SME banking business and operating model.

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Training Course: SME Banking Customer Relationship Management

customer relationship management (CRM) in SME banking cover page

This course is intended for those interested in how to develop and deliver a Customer Relationship Management based approach for SME banking customers. It aims to show delegates how to use SME customer relationships to underpin the Customer Value Proposition and to sustainably drive customer loyalty and profitability.

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SME credit risk management can sometimes present challenges for banks grappling with a lack of external ratings, or missing or imperfect financial statement data. GBRW has a tried and tested approach to overcoming these challenges, and supports clients with risk strategy and organisation, policy and procedure development, rating tools and models, and credit risk skills and expertise.

Whitepaper: SME Expert Judgement Credit Rating

sme expert judgement credit rating whitepaper cover page

A whitepaper by GBRW summarising the key principles of using an Expert Judgement credit model for SME and commercial customers, based on our in-house application template and methodology. Using an Expert Judgement assessment tool can radically improve the speed, consistency, cost-effectiveness, and quality of SME credit decisions. Developing and implementing an effective SME credit rating tool need not be a painful technology challenge. GBRW has an approach which is intuitive and incremental.

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Training Course: SME Credit Analysis & Assessment

sme credit analysis and assessment training cover page

This course is intended for those interested in how to analyse the credit-worthiness of small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers, to assess lending decisions, and to structure credit facilities. It aims to show delegates how to use a structured credit risk assessment methodology, reinforced by detailed case studies and interactive practical exercises.

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Expert Judgement Credit Rating for SME & Commercial Customers

Developing an Expert Judgement model is the most common way banks apply credit ratings to SME & commercial customers. This presentation describes some of the key principles adopted by GBRW, with reference to our own in-house methodology and application template.

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